Questions and Answers

You can apply for free ODISka for first-year students through or at the contact points

Request created on the e-shop:
First, it is necessary to upload a photo to the e-shop and verify the child's personal data in the Personal data section, or in Subordinate accounts. We will carry out the verification within the next two working days after uploading the photo and documents. After we verify the personal data and approve the child's photo, it will be possible to place an order for ODISky for the first child free of charge.
Application submitted at the contact point:
In the case of submitting an application at the contact point, it is necessary to submit the written "Application for the issuance of a Personal ODISka" together with a photo with dimensions of 35 x 45 mm (a photo oriented in portrait, capturing the current appearance of the child, according to the format and principles for taking a photo for an ID card is required or passport) and prove the identity of the child and the legal representative (citizen card or passport, for children aged 6-15 it can also be proven with an insurance card or birth certificate).

The usual period for the production of ODISka is 14 days.
ODISka can be arranged free of charge only for children born in 2016 and 2017.
Promotion valid until 30th of September, 2023.
Free production of ODISky is valid in the event of collection of the produced ODISky at the point of contact. In the case of choosing the delivery method "Send to the address by registered mail", it is necessary to pay the fee for the delivery of ODISka according to the valid Price List.