How to order ODISka?

To order ODISka card via e-shop, you have to first register and log in.

Before ordering ODISka in the e-shop, you have to fill in your personal data, upload and get approved your photo. You can do this in the Personal data tab at the left menu. After approval at your photo, you will receive an information e-mail, so as about the disapproval at your photo.

If you have an approved photo, you can order ODISka, either with delivery to the contact point of sale or by post to any address within the Czech Republic. You complete the order by paying the price for the production of ODISka CZK 130 and any possible postage.

If you are entitled to ODISka with a discount profile, it can only be delivered to a contact point of sale, where the discount profile will be set for you after submitting the documents required to substantiate the right to the discount.