ODISka in mobile

In cooperation with Dopravní podnik Ostrava, we have launched a requested novelty - carrier of long-term time tickets ODIS in a mobile phone = ODISka v mobile.

In our ODISapka mobile application or in the Moje DPO mobile application, you can easily and quickly set up ODISka on your mobile. All you have to do is upload your photo, and for applicants who are entitled to a discount, also the relevant documents, and wait for our review and confirmation.

ODISka on your mobile phone is free: you save a fee of CZK 130 for ordering a classic plastic ODISka.

ODISka in mobile is connected to the e-shop www.odiska.cz, or eshop.dpo.cz. You can thus purchase a coupon and other operations either directly in the mobile application or in the e-shop.

Note for holders of existing ODISka smart cards: ODISka in mobile is not a copy of the classic plastic ODISka, the coupon cannot be transferred from the original ODISka to ODISka in mobile. If you have a coupon for a classic ODIS, you must continue to prove yourself with this plastic card. To switch from classic ODISka to ODISka on mobile, we recommend that you let the validity of your coupon on the original card expire and purchase a new coupon on ODISka on mobile..

Attention: in the first stage, you can use ODISka on your mobile phone only with Dopravní podniku Ostrava. Next year, we plan to expand ODISky in mobile to all ODIS carriers.

Manuál pro ODISku v mobilu