How and where can I pay for individual tickets with a credit card?

Within the framework of Dopravní podnik Ostrava a.s.(DPO), it is possible to pay for individual electronic tickets by simply touching the card to the yellow terminals in the vehicle.

It is also possible to buy a ticket for a fellow passenger, luggage or a dog at the terminals at DPO vehicles.

It is also possible to purchase electronic individual tickets from the driver at selected terminals of other carriers, in all vehicles of the Opava Municipal Transport Company and in regional vehicles marked with the „Zaplať kartou – ušetříš!“ logo, and only for BPK holders without the right to discounted fares.

The systems are compatible with each other, so you can use, for example, a discounted transfer between the vehicles of ČSAD Havířov and Dopravní podnik Ostrava

Termination of fare payments is made once a day, whereby all journeys made between 3:00 a.m. on the first day and 2:59 a.m. on the following day are terminated . ATTENTION – termination fare payments from several days can be withdrawn together in one bank operation.

If the prices of individual tickets purchased within this billing period exceed the price of a 24-hour ticket, the price of the 24-hour ticket is charged.

With other carriers, individual fares can be paid by credit card in the vehicles.