How to buy a long-term ticket?

A long-term ticket can be purchased on the e-shop in two ways: with or without logging in. Purchases without logging in are possible only for ODISka or Credit ticket.

For a purchase with login, first select the Buy coupon button for the selected card at Card overview section.. Then select the period, for which you want to purchase the coupon, and the first day of validity. The profile will be displayed automatically according to your account settings. The last item you need to set up are the tariff zones. You can input zones by zone number or zone name. According to specified criteria the price of the coupon is calculated. Afterwards, you continue with the Add to cart button, check your order and confirm it. On the following page you choose the payment method and pay your order.

At Coupons overview section the overview of current coupons is shown (long-term tickets). However, you can purchase a ticket, which will directly connect on the previous ticket, by using the accelerated option Extend.